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News and Information

Traditional corporate news media in North America do not provide accurate news facts or analysis of development in Palestine. For this we must rely on Internet sources. Among the most complete and trusted are (however there are many dozens more):




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Partners using Zatoun Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create soaps and cosmetics.


Music & Arts

There is a growing awareness of the arts and music of Palestine. Also there are a number of American and Canadian examples of music showing great solidarity and feeling for what is happening in Palestine.

David Rovics - Songwriter & Singer from CT. He has written a number of powerful songs and issued two albums with Palestine as central issue.

The Musical Intifada is a site which brings together a great number of artists united in their music, poetry and other art forms for Palestine.

Winner of Best New Artist, 2003 Third Coast Audio Festival (Chicago), Reena Katz, performs "Can You Say Haa?". Reena is a violinist, teacher and sound artist who grew up Jewish in suburban Toronto. As a girl, she learned one story about the history of Israel and the people who lived there. As she grew up, an interest in cartography and her father’s rare books about Palestine, prompted her to dig deeper to understand the landscape. In this beautiful and haunting impressionistic piece, Katz weaves memories and music into a textured exploration of the events of 1948.

P.R. (Palestinian Rappers) recording their first song in Gaza City, 'Laish Arabi, Laish?' (Why Arabs, Why?' Posted by Hello

Coming out in 2006, SlingShot Hip Hop is a feature documentary on the emerging hip-hop scene in Palestine, which uses rap as a creative non-violent resistance to military occupation and expression of Palestinian identity in the face of Israeli oppression. Produced by Jacqueline Salloum, SlingShot Hip-Hop focuses the daily life of Palestinian rappers living in the West Bank, Gaza, and inside Israel. Check out the excellent five minute trailer and see amongst others the rap crew Arapeyat from Akka and Emcee Abir from Lid.
Go to Jacqueline Salloums site.

Another rap group direct from Lod, Dam Rap (Dam means blood) is a must hear (even if you do not like rap). Lyrics in Arabic, Hebrew and English. Also read a UK Guardian article on "The Great Divide" in rap music in Israel - Palestine.

The first and only oud' trio known of to this date. With their skillful, heart-wrenching improvisations that tell of Palestine, Le Trio Joubran brings to bear harmony and sweetness, depth and joy.



Steve Sabella's photographs of the olive harvest. Other photos of Palestine countryside and cities by Luke Powell.


Specific References & Studies

There are a number of sites or reference that can be made to specific issues or events that provide facts and analysis. These can be consulted for greater appreciation of the context and insight into the situation.

For an excellent paper discussion and details of the problems and issues facing agriculture in Palestine see: www.american.edu/ted/ice/olive-tree.htm

Even if you are at war with a city...you must not destroy its trees for the tree of the fields is man's life.

Deut. 20: 19-20

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